About us

In 1928 Dimitrios Kremalis established his law office in Volos.

Initially he was involved in specific areas of law practice (civil law, criminal law) and later on his legal activities were expanded in the field of public law, covering all kinds of the so called “general” legal services. After 1960 the law office was transferred in Athens so as to expand its activities and after 1985 it is located in proprietary offices opposite the Supreme Court of Appeal and the Court of Appeal.

Its activities are expanded outside Greece in terms of participation in international scientific and professional networks. In 2000 new offices were obtained. In 2002 the law office became the exclusive Greek member of a worldwide network of law offices called the “Ius Laboris Global Human Resources Lawyers".

"KREMALIS Law Firm" was founded on July 2005, and was certified by the American Certification Group Inc with the ANSI ISO 9001:2008 standard for legal services.

"KREMALIS Law Firm" systematically provides specialized advisory counselling, with emphasis placed on Human Resource Law (labor and insurance).