Immigration and Global Mobility Update / December 2021

Every 2 months, our experts from around the world put together an Update on immigration & global mobility, setting out recent changes to the law. This month, we include updates from 20 countries.

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New national visa and residence permit for digital nomads

A new type of national visa has been introduced with a duration of 12 months and a residence permit with a duration of two years (renewable) that can be granted to third country nationals who are self-employed, freelancers or employees working remotely with the use of information and communication technologies for employers or clients outside of Greece, as well as to the family members of these digital nomads. This residence permit does not grant the right to the latter and to his/her husband/partner and family members to work as employees or free-lancers in Greece.

(Article 11 of Law 4825/2021)

Validity of Asylum Seekers Cards extended

The duration of validity of Asylum Seekers Cards has been extended from six months to one year. These cards are renewable until the assessment of the holder’s application for international protection has been completed.

(Article 21 of Law 4825/2021)

Update on COVID-19-related travel measures

Until 06:00 on 3 December 2021, EU and Schengen citizens and members of their families are exempt from the general travel ban in Greece under a Joint Ministerial Decision (JMD). Permanent residents of certain countries are also allowed to enter Greece in any way and by any means under the conditions set out in the JMD. The JMD also sets out exemptions to the travel ban for some categories of travellers, particularly those practising specific professions (e.g. medical and nursing staff) or holding specific residence permits. See the “JMD Δ1α/ΓΠ.οικ. 74077” here (in Greek) for details.

Travellers can enter via the land borders at Promachonas, Ormenio, Evzonoi, Nymfaia, Niki, Doirani, Kristallopigi, Kipi, Kakavia, Kastanies and Exohi at any time. Limits apply at Kipi and Kastanies (1500 passengers per week, not including freight drivers). Mertziani is accessible from 08:00 to 20:00.

Cruising and yachting are allowed for passengers of countries not subject to special restrictive measures and under the conditions in the JMD. Maritime connections with Turkey are temporarily restricted with some exceptions, such as transport of goods by ships.

Health protocols

All visitors to Greece shall complete an electronic Passenger Locator Form (PLF) providing their contact details in Greece before their arrival. A valid PLF with a QR code is required for entry.

All travellers to Greece must also meet one of the following conditions:


Special health protocols apply for permanent residents of some counties, such as Russia.

Finally, all visitors to Greece can be subjected to random PCR or rapid testing and should respect the emergency COVID-19 measures during their stay.


Written by: Roubini Michaloudi, Associate

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