Civil Law


“KREMALIS-Law Firmactivates systematically throughout most of the entire range of the fields of Civil Law. The Firm undertakes the provision of a complete legal support to individuals and companies by handling cases of all procedures(regular, voluntary, specific procedures, all kind of preliminary measures, petitions for temporary injunction, procedures of necessary execution) and grades, both at national and european level (ECJ, European Court of Human Rights).   

The Firm focuses on all contemporary issues of legal query by providing relevant specialized legal services. 

More specifically and indicatively we mention the followings: 

  • issues of infringement of personality through the press
  • issues of professional - commercial leases
  • establishment of unions, professional organizations, etc.
  • transfers of property in accordance with recent legislative developments of Law 3843/2010 regarding the legalization of semi-open areas and Law 4014/2011 on arbitrary projections
  • matters of extrajudicial/judicial debts settlement and of Law 3869/2010 for heavily in debt households
  • issues arising from credit agreements (in particular consumer’s faith, debts in credit etc.
  • issues for consumer’s protection (in particular collective lawsuits for infringement of General Terms of Transactions, liability of service providers and producers etc.
  • corrections of inaccurate / incorrect entries / declarations of unknown owners
  • issues of protection of personal data of Law 2472/1997 (fair collection and processing, remedy of violation and restitution)
  • general and specific issues of family law (custodies, alimonies, divorces etc.)