Pharmaceutical Law

Pharmaceutical law is a complex framework of legal provisions and administrative measures which regulate the field of medicines. The dual nature of medicine as a social good and as a commercial product in conjunction with the constitutional guarantee of a high level of public health are the main axes of the aforementioned legal framework of the pharmaceutical market. The essential aim of pharmaceutical legislation and case law, meaning all laws and general principles governing the commercial chain drug (research and development, requirements for marketing authorization, whole sale distribution and retail sale, pharmacovigilance) must be to safeguard patients – consumers and development of pharmaceutical industry.
The legal services of our Law Firm in the field of medicines
Our associates have specialized scientific knowledge and have experience in many fields of pharmaceutical law. Our Law Firm offers immediate preventive/counseling and litigation support either to public authorities or individuals regarding:
  • National and community marketing authorization
  • Special categories of marketing authorizations such as conditional marketing authorizations, orphan drugs, paediatric, homeopathic, anthroposophic medicinal products.
  • Pricing of medicinal products, objections before the competent authorities, rebates etc.
  • Parallel trade
  • Liability of the manufacturer or the importer due to defective medicinal product
  • Authorizations granted to depositories and distribution centers
  • Matters regarding Good Clinical Practice
  • Matters regarding Manufacture Practice
  • Advertising via television and internet
  • Electronic pharmacies
  • Disciplinary Law of Pharmacists