Health Law / Medical Law


Health services in Greece are provided mainly via two avenues:

  1. Primary care, which includes health services not requiring hospitalization. These services are provided primarily by primary health care services of ESY, outpatient units at public hospitals, as well as the private sector through private practices, laboratories, diagnostic centres etc.
  2. Hospital coverage for patients treated in hospitals, which includes: public hospitals, independent/non-profit hospitals and private hospitals.

Issues of medical liability and professional risk insurance arising from the practice of healthcare providers are a main interest of KREMALIS-Law Firm. Our firm specializes in cases concerning the necessary procedural and security clauses in the area of employment contracts and in cooperation with health centers, doctors, medical equipment providers, insurance companies and insured individuals, in accordance to the international standards and Greek practice.

Our extensive and systematic participation in scientific institutions dealing with Health Law and Medical Law has equipped us with sufficient knowledge, access to specialized data bases and cooperation with reliable groups of expertise partners.


Specifically our Law Firm can assist with the following Health Law issues:

  • Legal advice concerning the professional risk insurance of doctors and other healthcare providers. Legal settlement of issues concerning medical malpractice at the public and the private sector. Legal support to doctors for whom disciplinary action has been initiated.
  • Regular cooperation and consultation with the Pan-Hellenic Union of Healthcare Providers.
  • Legal advice to professors/doctors offering their services as part of the National Health System, regarding the special conditions and legal framework of this.
  • Drafting of outsource contracts between Occupational Pension Funds and hospitals, with the purpose of providing medical care to the insured people.
  • Planning of alternative methods of healthcare funding to replace collective health insurance contracts.
  • Consutlation on the limitations in the free choice of doctors imposed by collective agreements between the healthcare providers unions and the social security institutions.
  • Legal support to patients who received treatment in public hospitals or in co-operating private health institutions established in the EU for the restitution of treatment and medical fees by the relevant Greek social security funds.
  • Legal support to private entitites providing psychological and social restitution, regarding the implementation and continuation of the National and European Project "Psychargos b' phase", under the auspice of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Social Security. Drafting of a questionnaire which outlines the issues that present as a risk to the abovenamed project. Provision of legal advice to rectify the identified issues and submission of proposals to ensure the legal protection of the private entities.