Employment & Labour Law


The Law Firm members provide extensive legal experience in the field of human resource management. This covers litigation and consultation to companies and trade union organizations with regards to employment law issues at the local, sectoral, national and European levels and specialised knowledge in individual and collective employment issues. These include disputes involving compensation, severence payment, promotions, benefits, employment terminations, leaves, posting, transfers, working hours, employers’ obligations and the interpretation of employment regulations and collective bargaining agreements. The following is an indicative list illustrating some of the Law Firm’s services in this field:

  • Litigation on a significant number of individual and collective Labor Law cases in courts of all hierarchies.
  • Legal advice to corporate employers as well as employees regarding the validity and the breach of employment contracts. Analyzing individual employment contracts and advising clients on whether the terms of such contracts comply with applicable collective agreements and arbitration decisions.
  • Advising clients with respect to the drafting of individual employment contracts and employee benefit arrangements, including legal aspect of compulsory or voluntary employment and social security benefits. Legal advice concerning the employer's responsibility to prevent unilateral unfavorable practices and illegal discrimination among employees.
  • Providing legal advice to national and international enterprises involved in acquisitions and mergers, especially regarding the impact of these restructures on the individual employment contracts and benefits of the affected employees. Dealing with issues concerning the legal requirements and implications of collective dismissals and terminations of employment contracts by enterprises.
  • Participation in mediation and arbitration procedures concerning the settlement of labor disputes.
  • Provision of legal advice to companies, corporations and groups of corporations by compiling a precautionary control program which ensures the employers-entrepreneurs' compliance with the relevant legislation in the field of social security and Labour Law and the effective legal protection of the employee's rights and benefits (social audit).