Employment & Labour Law


"KREMALIS - Law Firm" provides full legal services, including consulting, advisory, educational and training services, to the Human Resources department of national and foreign companies of all sizes, operating in all sectors, including branches of multinational companies, small and medium-sized enterprises and all kind of organizations (associations, non-profit institutions, etc.), and legal entities of private and public law.

Modern developments require a strong "organizational capacity" of the Human Resources departments of companies and employers, so that their strategic and financial goals are fully achieved, with the least possible cost. For this reason, effective methods and appropriate tools are required for the management of issues relating with human resources within the applicable legal framework.

"KREMALIS - Law Firm" can be a strategic ally of the social partners by providing the following legal services:

  • Corporate strategic planning and human resources: Identification of problems and malfunctions of the company's 'organizational capacity' through diagnostic tools * Design and implementation of policy targeting {MBO} of corporate strategic planning * Drafting of a code of ethics.* Drafting of work regulations * Design and implementation of intra-company communication policy * Design and implementation of special corporate policies such as Health and Safety Policy, Data Protection Policy, IT Policy, etc. * Staff opinion surveys * Design and implementation of a system of objective measurement and reward of work efficiency * Formation of a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy * Method of evaluation of functional areas in the implementation of the quality management system {QMS}.
  • Management of Human Resources Issues: Processes of inducing- selecting - recruiting - integrating – developing of staff * Structure of remuneration - Benefits and Productivity * Organization Chart * Job Descriptions * Design and Implementation of Employee Performance Evaluation System * Design and Implementation of Job Evaluation System {Payroll –Graduation} * Design and implementation of employee motivation - recognition - reward policy * Method of submitting and rewarding employee suggestions and ideas * Design and implementation of quality procedures in the field of total quality human resources management {Quality Manual} * Development of Mentoring - Coaching - Job Rotation policy * Method of investigating educational needs and planning of educational programs * Implementation of a disciplinary education system * Statistical information with performance indicators of the human resources * Manual of corporate policies.
  • Consulting - educational support: Participation in mediation and arbitration procedures for the resolution of labor conflicts and disputes * Solving problems in cases of termination of individual or collective employment contracts * Statistical information with performance indicators of the applied human resources policies * Improvement of skills of executives HR for the correct application of HR management methods and policies * Training program on Corporate Strategic Planning and HR Management {SHRM}.