The circumvention of the limitation period in tax law and recent positive case-law developments for taxpayers. | Print |
Wednesday, 06 September 2017 14:18

The State's right to carry out tax audits and to impose fines and other surcharges has always been of particular interest to all taxpayers, and mostly to freelancers and enterprises.

A key issue in the conduct of tax audits is the limitation period. Until when has the State the right to levy a tax e.g. due to additional data, for past years, or to impose a fine for non-issuance of a tax item by a trader? The answer is not simple. This is because there are many legal provisions that regulate the issue in question and which (intentionally?) are not clear or overlapping.

GDPR Countdown | Print |
Wednesday, 06 September 2017 13:56

The countdown has started for many companies and their planning for GDPR (the EU General Data Protection Regulation) implementation. Companies with operations or processing activities in the EU will need to comply with the new regulation by 25 May 2018.

Meeting of Lawyers' Representatives with the political leadership of Ministry of Labor on all pending insurance issues. | Print |
Friday, 28 July 2017 06:15

On the initiative of the President of the Plenary of the Bar Associations of the country, Mr. Vassilios Alexandris held a meeting with the political leadership of the Ministry of Labor (Deputy Minister Mr. A. Petropoulos and General Secretary Ms. S. Vraka), with the participation of Professor Emeritus Dr. Konstantinos D. Kremalis, Managing Partner of Kremalis Law Firm.

Code of Ethics for Bankers: Panacea for debtors or simple wish list; | Print |
Wednesday, 19 July 2017 15:51

The prolonged crisis in the country has "forced" the Bank of Greece (BoG) to regulate Banking - Loan Relations, which today confirm the need to make the most possible effort for the loan relationship to be kept in view of the adverse economic environment. Thus, pursuant to article 1 par. 2 and 4 of Law 4224/2013, as amended by article 12 of Law 4281/2014 and article 98 of Law 4389/2016, the Credit and Insurance Committee of the Bank of Greece, during the meeting no 195 / 29-7-2016  decided to revise the Code of Ethics for the management of non-performing loans for individuals and businesses, which entered into force initially on 31.12.2014 and has already been amended twice with corresponding decisions of the Credit and Insurance Committee Issues with no. 129/2 / 16.2.2015 (Government Gazette B '486 / 31.3.2015) and 148/10 / 5.10.2015 (Government Gazette B' 2219 / 15.10.2015). 

Specialized seminar on legal update on Insurance and Labour for Culture | Print |
Monday, 19 June 2017 06:54

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για πολιτισμόςProf. em. Dr. Konstantinos D. Kremalis, Managing Partner at KREMALIS Law Firm and Chairman of the Insurance, Social Security & Labor Affairs Committee, in cooperation with Mrs. Zozo Lidoriki, Chairman of Culture Committee of the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce (Amcham), have organized a Legal briefing regarding Insurance and Labor Matters, exclusively for  cultural industries.


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