Urgent Transfer of Insured Ill Person abroad: Fund’s Negative Answer regarding provision of a Letter of Guarantee is provisionally suspended by Order of Athens Admininstrative Court | Print |
Thursday, 04 May 2006 09:46
Athens Administrative Court of First Instance issued measures for provisional remedies accepting the argumentation of our collaborating Lawyer, Panagiotis G. Flessas. Thus, the Court allowed tranferring an insured person in a critical condition abroad for hepatic transplantation. The Court accepted our submitted plea that personal health’s critical condition is a factual situation demanding interim relief so that the person stay alive – thus, injuction was ordered by the Court so that to secure the protection of patient’s effective health coverage.
Building up an entitlement to the dividend of the Public Servants Shareholder Pension Scheme (MTPY) for Engineers employed in the Public Sector and exclusively insured in the Engineers and Public Cons | Print |
Thursday, 22 December 2005 09:51
Engineers that are engaged in the public sector and are being (by compulsory provisions or by choice) exclusively insured in TSMEDE (Engineers and Public Constructors Pension Fund) can be granted pension from MTPY (Public Servants Shareholder Pension Scheme). It actually was an issue whether they would be entitled to a dividend by the Scheme (having joined it by compulsory act of law and paying the relevant contributions -4% as shareholders or 1% as non-shareholders), as they are not covered by the Public Sector Pension Fund for their Basic Insurance.
World Bank research project | Print |
Thursday, 21 April 2005 10:22
"KREMALIS-LAW FIRM" has recently participated in the research program of the World Bank called “The World Bank Doing Business Project”, which investigates how laws and institutions affect business environment in 150 countries.
Taxation of the Occupational Pension Funds contributions | Print |
Tuesday, 25 January 2005 10:24

The recent Decision issued by the Minister of Finance and Economics (No.1003821/10037/Β0012/PΟL1005/14-1-2005 -officially published on 80Β/ 25.1.2005) clarified the legal tax regime concerning the enterprises’ contributions paid to Occupational Pension Funds. Specifically, the above mentioned decision provides that “The contributions paid by the enterprises to Occupational Pension Funds regulated by Law 3029/2002 and in accordance with their statutes are tax deductible, insofar the decision of the enterprises to participate to the said social security contributions renders their payment obligatory”.


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