Meeting of Lawyers' Representatives with the political leadership of Ministry of Labor on all pending insurance issues.

On the initiative of the President of the Plenary of the Bar Associations of the country, Mr. Vassilios Alexandris held a meeting with the political leadership of the Ministry of Labor (Deputy Minister Mr. A. Petropoulos and General Secretary Ms. S. Vraka), with the participation of Professor Emeritus Dr. Konstantinos D. Kremalis, Managing Partner of Kremalis Law Firm.


The subject of the meeting was pending insurance issues. In particular, the issue discussed was the spin-off of the subsidiary lawyer's insurance sector by the ETEAP, with the corresponding abolition of the assistance contributions (7%), and the creation of a Professional Insurance Fund (NPID). This issue was raised as part of the obligation to comply with the new EU Directive 2016/2341. The political leadership of the Ministry expressed itself positively in principle and pledged to consider this issue in the near future.

Furthermore, the Ministry was informed of the following:

  1. The issue of the statutory 50% reduction in the social security contributions of insured persons who have established a pension right,
  2. Credit balances (excess amounts) from the 20% deposit on the bills,
  3. The need of issuing a Ministerial Decision to grant aid (L. 3986/2011) from the special unemployment account OAED (for which paid 120,00 Euro contribution per year)
  4. The correction of incorrect entries of insured persons in EFKA and errors in alerts, as well as
  5. Issues of in-house lawyers.

On these issues, the Ministry clarified the following:

  1. Any resulting credit balance (excess amount) of 20% of the bills or contributions paid in general will either be reimbursed or offset against forthcoming contributions. A circular will be issued for this issue.
  2. A circular will be immediately issued on the reduced contributions of those who have a pension entitlement and in any case the net overdue contributions already paid will be offset.
  3. 3.According to the program so far, it is foreseen that by the end of October the recalculation of insurance contributions based on 2016 incomes will have been completed; and
  4. The Ministry undertook to issue to the insured persons of the former ETAA the Ministerial Decision for the granting of aid under Article 44 of Law 3986/2011.