The Gender Pensions Gap: What is it and What Can We Do About It?

The article examines the disparity between men’s and women’s pension income, known as the gender pensions gap. It highlights that this gap arises due to several factors including differences in earnings, career breaks (often for caregiving), and part-time work, which predominantly affect women. The article discusses the impact of this gap on women's financial security in retirement and offers suggestions for both employers and policymakers to mitigate this issue.

In Greece, there have been no targeted interventions aimed at addressing the gender pension gap. In fact, following major pension system reforms after 2015, favourable provisions for women, such as early retirement options for mothers, have been gradually phased out.

For more detailed information, please refer to the original article on Ius Laboris HERE.


For Greece written by 

Prof. em. Dr. Konstantinos D. Kremalis,

Eirini ChamitiKaterina DiplaTheodora Ntentopoulou


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