2 year-end tips for employers in Greece

Here's what's on the 'to do' list for employers in Greece before the end of the year



Christmas bonus

Employers should pay all employees their Christmas Bonus (fourteenth salary). The Christmas Bonus is equal to one month’s salary with an increase corresponding to a percentage of the annual leave allowance. The Christmas Bonus is always proportionate to the days that the employee has actually worked during the period 1st May to 31st December. An employee is only entitled to a whole Christmas bonus and not to a proportion of it if his or her employment contract has lasted from 1st May until 31st December. The Christmas bonus is payable on 21st December of each year.


Store opening hours in the festive period 

Store owners should arrange their employees’ shifts during the festive period of each year lasting from 12th December until 31st December. During this period, stores and other commercial undertakings will be open, including on Saturdays and certain Sundays for specific hours. Employers should arrange for the required shifts, notifying the Ministry of Labour’s electronic platform, ERGANI, on time, otherwise fines may be imposed in the event of inspections. The 25th and 26th December are public holidays.


Written by,

Korina Paschaliori



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