Road transport regulations: the ‘mobility pack’

The so called ‘mobility pack’ (a 2020 EU Directive and two related regulations affecting road transport) is another European step in the direction of ensuring fair competition and socially sustainable working conditions in the transport sector.

The Directive was required to be implemented by all EU countries by February 2022. The Italian piece of implementing legislation is now in force. 

In Greece a Joint Ministerial Decision implemented the 2020 EU Mobility Directive into domestic law  as of 12 April2022. The Joint Ministerial Decision amends the previous Greek Presidential Decrees and laws that regulated the posting of workers in the road transport sector. It introduces the new obligations and definitions of the Mobility Directive, specifying the applicability of the Posted Workers Directive in cases of cabotage. The Ministerial Decision also regulates the competent local authorities’ application of the new posting obligations. In addition, it provides for concerted roadside checks on drivers and vehicles falling within the scope of the regulations, setting administrative sanctions where the driver fails to produce all the required documents. The fines range from EUR 300 to EUR 900. The Joint Ministerial Decision further provides for three-member Joint Inspection Bodies to be set up by the Regional Governors of every region in the nation for the inspection of compliance with the Directive.  

Written by: Marilia Pavli

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