A second 2022 minimum wage increase in Greece

From 1 May, the statutory minimum monthly and daily wage in Greece were increased. This is the second increase in 2022. The Greek Ministry of Labour has set new minimum wages for employees and blue-collar workers employed on a full-time basis, without age distinction in Decision No. 38866/21.4.2022.


This new increase of 7.5% is in addition to the one already granted from 1 January 2022, resulting in an increase of 9.7% or EUR 63 per month within 2022.

In addition, depending on the years of service completed by the employee before 14 February 2012, the minimum monthly wage and the minimum daily wage are increased by up to 30%. This means the monthly gross minimum monthly wage for employees with three years of service can be up to EUR 213 higher (EUR 713 + 30%). In other words, the minimum wage in this case can be EUR 926 plus Christmas and Easter bonus and holiday pay.

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