Making pension scheme governance more diverse and inclusive

Retirement savers are an extremely diverse group and it is important for the pensions industry to reflect this in its governance, its investments and its business practices. What rules currently apply and what more can be done in the UK and beyond to enhance diversity and inclusion?



Quite recently and in order to meet the goals of the National Action Plan for Gender Equality 2021-2025, the Greek government implemented the ‘PEGASUS: Addressing the Gender Pension in Greece’ programme. The main goal of the programme is to address gender gaps in pensions. More specifically, PEGASUS consists of five individual Work Packages that aim at mapping the pension gap between men and women, raising awareness of it, overviewing the relevant EU guidelines and taking actions in cooperation with policy makers, social partners and academics.

These actions include a Good Practices Guide, a workshop on guide practice exchange, interventions that encourage women to make decisions in their working lives to prevent insufficient pensions, the development of a framework of policy proposals and the promotion of information and awareness material such as a project website, press releases, brochures, and a conference and a TV spot on the gender retirement gap in Greece.

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Written by: Georgia Lamprakou

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