Immigration and Global Mobility Update / September 2022

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Public interest migration rules 

Third-country nationals may be granted a national visa, if there is a justified public interest. This can be presumed from bilateral agreements or in specific cases (in particular foreign policy, defence, internal security, economy and development, investment, education and culture), can be based on a decision from the public agency concerned.  

The individuals concerned must provide provide the Diplomatic or Consular Authority with the documents required by law and attend an in-person interview.  


For example, the following would be entitled to a visa on this ground: 

  • joint technical secretariats’ staff; 
  • the ‘Confucius’ Institute (intergovernmental agreement or motion submitted by the Athens University of Economics with which the Institute cooperates or with the Polytechnic University of Crete); 
  • where appropriate, grant-holders of foreign governments 


If necessary, the Ministry of Immigration and Asylum proposes, in cooperation with the Special Secretariat for the Coordination of Stakeholders, investigating the possibility of using this category of national visa and subsequently a residence permit for foreign workers with international organisations and large NGOs when they cannot otherwise be transferred. The proposal will be made by the Directorate of Immigration Policy of the Ministry of Immigration and Asylum. 

The Immigration Code Manual containing these provisions was updated on 25 August 2022.



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