Participation in the 16th Annual CSR conference of the American Hellenic Chamber of Commerce


Our Partner Dr. Jur. Ioannis Koimtzoglou participated in the 16th annual CSR conference, The World of a Better Tomorrow: Sustainability & the New Disruptive Era, held on October 31, 2018 at the Benaki Museum focused on sustainability in the balance between exponential technological developments and the social and ethical issues that arise.

The American Hellenic Chamber of Commerce invests in a constant effort to highlight the modern trends of Sustainable Development in the era of the rapid changes of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Kremalis-Law Firm as a modern and technologically adept Law Firm seeking for new challenges is interested in the new disruptive era and modern entrepreneurship. The rapid technological advances have changed the business environment and at the same time they bring about new regulatory requirements and the necessity for clients to meet all compliance obligations.

In an increasingly digitalised world, collecting, processing, storing and transferring information has become an integral part of business operations. Such handling of data has become more and more regulated and failing to comply with legal regulations puts companies at risk of heavy fines, legal liability and loss of credibility and reputation. Therefore, comprehensive advice in this area is a standard part of legal services offers.

Our legal team following the latest trends is continually seeking for international achievements.

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