The purpose of this event was to contribute to the realistic depiction of the business environment and the trends in the insurance and employment sectors, as well as the practical proposals for the reorganization of insurance and labor relations in order to support the return of the country into a development path.

All participants, business and agency representatives, divided into nine groups, also discussed and put forward practical proposals that will be immediately announced and sent to the relevant bodies.

More specifically, the discussion groups were:

  1. Business Environment and Labor Market: Prospective Actions
  2. Business Environment: Opportunities and Threats
  3. Sufficient resources and social assistance, Sustainability of the Social Security System and Social Consensus of Insurance Reform
  4. Supplementary Social Security Systems
  5. Insurance, Use and Cost of Health Services during the Crisis Period
  6. Regulation and deregulation of labor relations and their relationship with development
  7. Business operating costs and competitiveness in the context of social security reform
  8. Active measures for subsidizing vocational training and employment instead of unemployment subsidies
  9. Mergers and Acquisitions of Businesses: Opportunities & Weaknesses


Professor Emeritus Dr. Konstantinos D. Kremalis holds the title of Supreme Court Attorney at Law, he practices in the areas of employment, social, insurance and health law issues and Chairman of the Chamber of Insurance and Labor Committee, said: "The aim of the event is to analyze in working groups the operational and social impacts of the recent arrangements and to comment on them by the participants and the representatives of the Political parties the proposals that will emerge. This prototype and brief process will lead to a meaningful dialogue on selected issues that have proven to hamper entrepreneurship in our country".