Based on this fact, the new tendency in Marketing is called “communication based on values”. This new trend takes seriously into account the element of the customer’s emotional state, it also identifies the ethical and cultural preferences by knowing each markets needs and expectations.

The most important thing remains the possibility of direct communication with the customer, the dialogue and the ability to effectively accomplish every expectation he may have. The above were the subject of intercorporate seminars which were held on the 27.02.2015, in KREMALIS-Law Firm Offices, in Kyrillou Loukareos Street.

To attend the seminars any prior experience wasn’t necessary. However, as a result of their daily contact with customers, the Company’s Lawyers had substantial knowledge about this issue.  Besides, in order to treat efficiently every case and survive in this challenging business world in a digital environment, they have to “sell” properly their knowledge, their services and promote the company itself.

The two hour lasting seminar was considered as very practical and specifically “tailored”to the Law Firm’s needs. Based on everyday work examples, intoducer Mrs. Ioanna Panagiotou (Communicator, owner of the company Jopa Communications) managed to convince the audience that Marketing should be a top priority of their work. 

Participants were satisfied with the progress of the seminar. They significantly enriched their knowledge and found the seminar very constructive. Moreover, they were motivated and became more confident in their field, thus they obtained all the competitive advantages in order to become competitive and almost irreplaceable which wholeheartedly wish!