This year's conference emphasized a lot on the presentation of the social security amendments, which we face the last period, since it turned out that the reformulation of the social security system is under schedule, not only in the administrative field (unification-integration of social security institutions), but also to level of the social security benefits to be granted (reformulation of the calculation method of pension benefits).

The American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce aimed, with this Conference, to initiate, through the participation of political, academic and business representatives, as well as members of trade unions and organizations, the expression of a variety of opinions, an open dialogue and an argumentation over the current issues, in order to promote basic reforms that are planned for the immediate future. It is notable that the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce succeeded, during the process of the Conference, in gathering very crucial elements and good practices, in relation to the insurance community and the rationalization of the labor market, as well as the reinforcement of the employment, targeting at the financial development and the social cohesion.

Professor Konstantinos Kremalis Managing Partner of ‘KREMALIS Law Firm” and under his capacity as President of the AmCham respective Committee, was among the reputed speakers of the 4th Labor & Insurance Conference, announcing, at the end of the Conference, the final conclusions, after taking into account the speeches of all the participants.

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