Professor Konstantinos Kremalis Managing Partner of ‘KREMALIS Law Firm” will elaborate, under his capacity as President of the AmCham respective Committee, current employment and social security trends and aspects at the 2nd Labor & Insurance Conference.
In a new era which undoubtedly affects and reshapes the traditional professional map, creating new occupational patterns, removing old disciplines while new professions are entering the labor market, developments are rapid and the workplace landscape varies daily - in an open and interactive relationship with the economic development and social adjustment.
This year's conference will emphasize on labor market developments at a national and European level, which in combination with the constricted economic environment, discourages entrepreneurship and restricts development processes.
 The American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce with the valuable cooperation of the members of its Insurance, Social Security and Labor Affairs Committee aims to initiate, with this conference, an effective dialogue between experts and stakeholders regarding trends and strategy promoting labor and social development and also the management of human resources.  The current needs, trends, guidelines, assessments and procedures will be discussed and analyzed in depth in order to conclude with constructive proposals and design synergies that will lead, through the improvement of the labor sector, to economic growth.
Political, academic and business representatives, as well as members of trade unions and organizations involved in the fields of employment and vocational training  will attend the conference and participate at the open dialogue.
The conference is held under the auspices of the Ministry of Labour & Social Insurance
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