The above mentioned program is implemented by the University of Ghent, which coordinates the organization of national seminars in collaboration with independent high profile experts on European Social Security in all the member states. It aims at the reciprocal exchange of information in order to facilitate the smooth passage to the new (simplified) regulation on the co-ordination of the social security systems. It increases the knowledge base on the coordination regulations and builds strong networks rooted at national level and encompassing public administrations and social security administrations, the social partners, NGO’s, judges, lawyers, and independent experts confronted with problems of implementation in all the 25 member states.


The particular seminar concerned practical implementation problems of Regulation 1408/71 in Greece and prospects of resolution with the new EC Regulation 883/04. The national expert Professor K. Kremalis presented the objectives that are set with the new EC Regulation, while the researcher Dr Maija Sakslin from Finland focused on the TRESS program and on the basic changes of the European social security reform. Mrs Theodora Tsotsorou, employee of GGKA, analyzed the background and the procedure of the modernisation and the simplification of the EC Regulations on co-ordination. Mr Nikolaos Sklikas, employee of GGKA, referred to the implementation problems of Title III Chapter 1 of the Regulation 1408/71 (sickness benefits), to the European Health Insurance Card, as well as to the compliance of national practices with the ECJ case law. The issue of the implementation of Regulation 1408/71 in cases of posted workers was analyzed by the lawyer, Dr. Olga Agelopoulou.


Among the participants of the seminar, Mr Vaslakakis (Vice-president of the Revisory Court), Ms. Saridaki (Director of the International Affairs Department of Social Insurance Institute - IKA), Ms. Sideri-Maouni (employee at the General Secretariat of Social Security - GGKA), Ms. Njarchakou-Vasilakaki (Director at IKA), Ms. Pisimisi (Greek Manpower Employment Organization – responsible for International Affairs), Ms. Nikolidaki (OPAD– Medical Care Organization for insured employees in the public sector), Ms. Foniadaki (National Research Intitution), Ms. Nikoglou (E.K.E.T.A - Center for Research and Technology - E.K.E.T.A.), as well as the lawyers Ms. Petroglou, Mr. Petropoulakos, Ms. Voutsioti, Ms. Kritikou and Ms. Koutsopoulou (responsible for the organization of the seminar), participated in deep discussion and exchanged information on the more effective confrontation of relative problems in the daily practice.