The above mentioned program is implemented by the University of Ghent, which coordinates the organization of national seminars in collaboration with independent high profile experts on European Social Security in all the member states. It aims at the reciprocal exchange of information in order to facilitate the smooth passage to the new (simplified) regulation on the co-ordination of the social security systems. It increases the knowledge base on the coordination regulations and builds strong networks rooted at national level and encompassing public administrations and social security administrations, the social partners, NGO’s, judges, lawyers, and independent experts confronted with problems of implementation in all the 25 member states. The particular seminar concerns practical implementation problems of Regulation 1408/71 in Greece and prospects of resolution with the new EC Regulation 883/04. Law firm "KREMALIS-LAW FIRM" took the initiative to create a network, which consists of researchers with specialized knowledge in social security issues and, more specifically, in matters of coordination. The seminar will take place on June 15th, at "Kostis Palamas" hall, at the University of Athens.

Georgios Koutsoukos