Under the chairmanship of the National Expert Professor Dr. Konstantinos Kremalis. the main speakers of the seminar, Ms Theodosia Tsotsorou and Mr Nikolaos Sklikas, employees of the Ministry of Employment and Social Protection, developed at great extent their opinions on the issue of the principle of assimilation of real facts and the aggregation of periods of insurance under the light of Community Regulations, while an extensive report, concerning the controversial question of the attribution of expenses for in-patient and out-patient care in another member state, was also introduced. Mr Panagiotis Flessas and Ms Ioanna Koulouri, Lawyers and Collaborators of the Law Firm, intervened with their proposals and deposited their own experience at the handling of affairs of distribution of workers on issues of health and retirement, presenting a line of recent case law, which showed the attitude of Greek judge in representative cases of application of the Community law of Social Security.

Highly esteemed individuals with extensive experience in National and European Organisations participated in the interesting discussion, which followed, while several questions, related to the necessity of taking protective measures for the sake of moving people and the finances of pension funds against potential violations, were also raised. Mr Prodromos Mayridis, as Representative of European Commission and Mr Filip Van Overmeiren, as Representative of the Coordinating body of TRESS in the University Of Ghent, honoured the meeting with their presence.

Finally, during the continuation of these educational seminars on the issue of the distribution of workers in member states of the EU, while, at the same time, the proposal for a constant networking of those, who deal with these specialised objects, was unanimously accepted.

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