The subject of the Conference included the medical complications of endoscopic techniques and the side effects of frequently used medicines, as the complications of an endoscopic action never consist of a " random "event but are related to specific factors, including the applied technique, the use of materials or the general health condition of the patient.

During this Educational Conference a special proposal addressed the matter of legal responsibility in endoscopy. Specifically, Professor Konstantinos Kremalis, Supreme Court Attorney and Chairman of the Greek Health Law Association (,  discussed crucial matters regarding the significance of medical complications in gastroenterology and its defining factors, the management of crises arising from such complications, as well as issues concerning the insurance contracts of gastroenterologists.

Additionally, the need for preventative measures with respect to the issue of medical responsibility via the use of standardized check lists for the preparation of a doctor’s defense, as related to his speciality, was highlighted.

The Conference was attended by doctors, nursing staff and health technicians, who participated in a pleasant and constructive dialogue.