Introductory comments: The conference was based on general lectures and simultaneous meetings. It followed the pluridisciplinary methodology giving emphasis to the social policy, law and economy. It also analyzed experiences from several countries.

The meeting program of the Conference was the following:

Meeting 1: Pension programs of several legal systems.

Meeting 2: International changes regarding the private pensions system.

Meeting 3: Alternative manners of savings in order to be allocated to pension capitals.

Meeting 4: Administration of programs for specific contributions.

Meeting 5: Liability of non – sponsors third parties.

Meeting 6: Developments after the crisis: compensations of managerial staff.

Meeting 7: Pension issues regarding the restructuring of enterprises.

Meeting 8: Initiatives for planning pension systems during the period of economic depression.

Meeting 9: Guarantee capitals for the provision of pensions.

Meeting 10: Activities of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development regarding pension issues.

Meeting 11: Transfer of capitals between Canada and USA – Tax issues.

Meeting 12: Maintenance and destruction of e- data.

Meeting 13: Pension issues in case of insolvency of enterprises in Canada.

Meeting 14: Collective negotiations regarding pensions and other benefits.

Meeting 15: Health and welfare insurance programs.

Meeting 16: Insurance for liability of managerial staff.

Meeting 17: Issues regarding insolvent pensions programs.

Meeting 18: Changes in the developing markets (India, Caribbean, Russia,, China, Latin America )

Meeting 19: Avoidance of judicial complications during the administration of pension programs.

Meeting 20: Comparative discussion of specific matters regarding pension investments.