MoveS ((Free Movement of Workers and Social Security Coordination) is a network of experts set up by the European Commission on the Coordination of Social Security Systems between Member States and on the Freedom of Movement of Workers between Member States.

During the meeting, the latest developments in the European Commission were presented, such as the European Insurance Number and Mediation, and topical issues related to workers' rights were analyzed. Particular attention was paid to the new reality of the definition of the concept of the worker and the self-employed, the grey areas of new forms of employment, their inclusion in social security and the 'conflict' of the applicable rules of law between the Member States members.

The principles of equal treatment, working conditions and access to social security for workers moving within the EU also involved European MoveS network specialists.

The meeting was attended by social partners such as FEBETRA (Royal Federation of Belgian Road Hauliers and Logistic Services Providers), EFBWW (European Federation of Building and Woodworkers), PEARLE (Performing Arts Employers Association League Europe) and FGTB (General Federation of Belgian Labor) as representatives of employers and employees. Concerns have been raised about the rights and obligations of mobile workers, such as lorry drivers, and other workers, with regard to the social security and employment status to which they belong each time, depending on the state in which they work.

The meeting was completed with an interesting presentation of statistics and action by ELA (European Labor Authority).


Katerina Papastergiou,

Attorney at the Supreme Court