Social audit


Our Firm undertakes social audit projects on behalf of national and foreign companies. This process concerns a precautionary thorough review and evaluation of the employment and insurance status of which the employees beneficiate.


During this procedure we especially emphasize on locating any unwanted informal practices, which could be considered as a violation of the equal treatment principle, or could lead to unclear working relationships etc. The project is completed by proposing an alternative remuneration policy, or indicating the practices to be improved, changed or adjusted to the Greek and European Social Law provisions. The purpose of the social audit is to maintain the lawful practices adopted by the employer, the prevention of disputes as well as maintaining the balance of both sides’ interests, in order to promote the cooperation between the employer and the employees and contribute to the growth of productivity. In particular, the company is expected to provide us with all the necessary information and documents, so as to enable us to proceed with the social audit covering the last three years of the company's operation.

The following should be mentioned:

  • The legal status of the company and the impact of any changes regarding the labor relationships.
  • The employment status of the employees of specific categories (i.e. managing directors, members of the board of directors, self-employed persons etc.)
  • The legitimacy of all individual contracts concluded with each employee, their type (fixed or indefinite term), their specific employment terms and their compatibility with the related provisions of the applicable collective agreements.
  • The enterprise’s practice of remuneration and the working terms applied to the employees with regard to the specialization, the tasks, and the work rendered, as well as any changes occurred.
  • The proper submission of all employees to the competent social security institutions and subsequently the payment of the proper contributions.
  • The characterization of all kinds of supplementary benefits, (in money, in kind or under insurance form), which are provided to the personnel by free will or by contract.
  • The employer’s attitude and policy in cases of professional diseases or work accidents.
  • The legitimacy of the procedure followed in cases of work contracts terminations (collective dismissals included).

The social audit project has been proved to be of a great importance for the legitimate function of a company, provided that through this procedure the judicial disputes are prevented and the peace between employers and employees is ensured.