Human Resources Training


Kremalis-Law Firm offers legal support to multinational companies on areas regarding the employees of their subsidiaries in Greece, which are in the hierarchy of the mother company. The associates of our Firm, who specialize in labour law issues, organise seminars for HR Managers, and can be held in English, German and French. The aim of these seminars is to provide information about the Greek legal framework and solutions for specific employment issues.


During these seminars, our team covers briefly and comprehensively all issues of concern for the HR Manager of a company. The provided information is both theoretical (the concept of "dependent work", the distinction between the employment contract and other similar forms of contract, the validity of an employment contract) and practical (working hours, salary, leaves, allowances, recruitment, severance payment, tax issues, social security contributions etc). The participants of the seminars are usually provided with a useful handbook issued by our associates illustrating the basic existing Greek labour law provisions. The presentation of the included topics is followed by a thorough analysis of the issues that concern the HR managers.